on-location + in-studio, we're with you


We love to get out of the office, and our field-production kit is fully-loaded and ready for action.

Shooting video on-location, especially in your busy work environment, requires courtesy and professionalism. We’ll arrive, get familiarized with the site, and then set up, occupying only what space is necessary so as not to be a nuisance.

We’ll leave your location in the same condition we found it, but should something happen, 1013media is fully insured.

Currently, our primary camera package is based around Black Magic Design’s 4k cinema camera with a full kit of prime cine lenses. We’ve got all the necessary audio and support equipment, too, including a jib arm, glide cam, and super-slick slider. Lighting is generally rented on a per-shoot basis. If you have specific on-location production needs, everything is available.

On-location at Punch Through Design.

On-location at Punch Through Design.